About GAP

The importance of establishing a separate program for women and children was recommended during the 43rd Colombo Plan Consultative Committee Meeting in Manado, Indonesia, in 2012. As a result, the Colombo Plan Gender Affairs Program was established on 7 May 2014 in Colombo to work together with women, men, girls and boys to promote a just and equitable society in collaboration with stakeholders through the following objectives:
  • To increase awareness on gender equality, gender development, women’s legal rights and gender issues among the developing member states through workshops and training.
  • To raise funds on gender capacity building and direct empowerments such as income generating programs, education programs and health programs.
  • To conduct research on gender and child issues and development.
  • To share knowledge and experiences on gender and children among the member countries.
  • To represent the Colombo Plan in international forums on gender and children and discussions, to upgrade the knowledge and to share our experiences.
  • To assist member countries to formulate their policies according to the global gender standards and norms.
  • To support member countries through government and non-government agencies to implement the global/UN standards of gender and children.

The CPGAP works with Governments and stakeholders by providing trainings, workshops, technical assistance in developing gender policies and support gender related capacity building and direct empowerment programs for vulnerable men, women and children across its 27 member states.

Afghan Women Shelter Fund Capacity Development
of Implementing Partners
Launch of the “Empowering Future Women Leaders” training

Upcoming Events and Activities

Emerging Future Women Leaders Implementing 7 Research Projects
July – October 2019
Sri Lanka
Emerging Future Women Leaders – Community Development Project
October 2019 – February 2020
Sri Lanka
Panel on Women Shelters in Afghanistan at the 4th World Conference on Women’s Shelters
5 - 8 November 2019
Study Tour for Implementing Partners on Sustainability of Women Protection Centers
17- 24 November 2019
4th Gender Focal Points Conference
2 - 5 December 2019
Study Tour for Implementing Partners on Sustainability of Women Protection Centers
9-12 December 2019
Emerging Future Women Leaders – Advocacy Workshop
February 2020
Sri Lanka