Workshop on Sharing Experiences and Best Practices on Good Governance and Public Administration Between Colombo Plan Countries, 27 – 31 October 2014 in Jakarta, Indonesia


Opening workshop in Indonesia

This workshop has organized as a result of the pledge by the Government of Indonesia during the 43rd Consultative Committee Meeting of the Colombo Plan. It is also be evidence for the Indonesia’s contribution towards the South-South Cooperation.

The Ministry of the Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia, in cooperation with the Colombo Plan Secretariat, has convened the “Workshop on Sharing Experiences and Best Practices on Public Administration and Good Governance between Colombo Plan Countries”, in Jakarta and Bandung, on October 27th –31st, 2014.

The Workshop was attended by 14 participants from Colombo Plan countries, namely: Pakistan, Afghanistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Mongolia, Iran, Lao, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Fiji and 8 participants from Indonesia. The Workshop was officially launch by H.E. Mr. Hasan Kleib, the Director General for Multilateral Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia with the presence of the President of the Colombo Plan Council, H.E. Mr. Harimawan Suyitno.

During this three-days Workshop, the participants had an opportunity to interactively share best practices and experiences with the prominent figures, experts and senior officials of Indonesia on public administration, good governance, corruption eradication, beraucracy reform and democracy. The participants has also shared their knowledges and experiences on strengthening efforts to achieve sustainable development by developing Small and Medium Enterprises and local service delivery to support the enforcement of good governance.

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