Training course on Climate Change, Energy and Environment

Singapore Technical Cooperation Directorate and the Colombo Plan Secretariat jointly organized the Training Course on Climate Change, Energy and the Environment for the fourth time under their joint collaborations.  This programme started in 2009 with the support of the Singapore Environment Institute as the implementing agency and continued till 2010. This year Singapore Technical Cooperation Directorate introduced the Nanyang Technological University as the new implementing partner to conduct the Climate Change programme.  The history of Nanyang Technological University goes back to 1955 and today it has 12 schools.

The course had the involvement of the senior staff from the government agencies, practitioners and experts to share knowledge and experience. They were from the Energy Market Authority, the National Climate Change Secretariat, Jurong International and Building Construction Authority. When considering the best practices of climate change, Singapore accounts for less than 0.2% of global greenhouse gas emissions.

During the course, participants were taken to see the current Singapore environment projects namely; Tuas Power Station (one of the leading power generation companies in Singapore), Jurong’s Green Journey and Zero Energy Building and Gallery at BCA Academy. The training course provided an understanding on the science and economics of climate change, sources of renewable energy, commercial and technological adaptation, policy framework adopted by the Government of Singapore in institutionalizing practices of energy sustainability especially in the industrial and other sectors. Fourteen participants from 12 Colombo Plan developing member countries participated in this training programme.

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