The Colombo Plan Launches the ‘Second Chance Programme’

The Colombo Plan’s new initiative, the Second Chance Programme, to bring the marginalized communities to the mainstream was launched on 1 July 2013 by the Hon. Basil Rajapakse, Minister for Economic Development at the cocktail to mark 62nd anniversary of the establishment of organisation.

H.E Adam Maniku, the Secretary-General of the Colombo Plan said that as Asian countries have become strong economies and the migration from rural to urban areas have left behind some members of communities in rural areas marginalized. The Colombo Plan’s Second Chance programme would focus on helping these people to integrate themselves into society. He also said that the Second Chance Programme brings the Colombo Plan projects into the 21st century by introducing new methods of funding and promoting sustainability of projects.

The Second Chance programme is also a new approach to enhance member nations’ cooperation in social and economic recovery of marginalized communities. The programme will adopt a new strategy to promote higher beneficiary participation and motivation in the empowering process with effective mediatory principles and support mechanisms. There are five new mediatory principles in the Second Chance Programme which are relevancy, demands driven, output outcome orientation, localization and result and being target oriented. Two pilot project of the Second Chance Programme will be implemented in Sri Lanka with the National Dangerous Drugs Control Board and the Ministry of Child Welfare and Women’s Affairs as stakeholders in implementation.

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