The Drug Advisory Programme (DAP) is the only regional intergovernmental programme exclusively aimed at regional capacity building for drug demand reduction in Asia and the Pacific. During the last three decades the DAP has assisted member counties in initiating the process of policy evolution, in finding appropriate solutions on a bilateral and/or multi-lateral basis and in encouraging national efforts among member countries towards the drug demand reduction.

The DAP has trained more than 10,000 in various aspects of drug demand reduction, supported governments/ NGOs to establish treatment and rehabilitation services for drug dependents in selected member countries, and pioneered several regional forums such as HONLEA (Heads of National Law Enforcement Authorities), IFNGO (International Federation of Non-Governmental Organizations), AMCEWG (Asian Multi-City Epidemiology Work Group). The DAP also has been instrumental in introducing and popularizing principles of TC Model of treatment into Asia and Pacific. In the recent past the DAP has embarked on dedicated programmes for countries which need special attention. The massive demand reduction projects underway in Afghanistan are an example to such dedicated programmes. Since 1973 the DAP has raised US$ 13 million to support its programmes.

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