About ICCE

International Centre For Certification And Education Of Addiction Professionals (ICCE) The ICCE was established on 16 February 2009 as a training and credentialing arm of the Drug Advisory Programme. It is a part of the global initiative funded by the Bureau for International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs (INL) of the US Department of State and with a special collaboration with the National Association of Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counsellors (NAADAC) of USA to train, certify and professionalise the addiction treatment workforce in the region.


  1. Mr. Tay Bian How; Director – bian[dot]howtay[at]colomboplan[dot]org
  2. Ms. Susmita Banerjee; Training Executive – susmita[dot]banerjee[at]colomboplan[dot]org
  3. Ms. Winona Pandan; Training Executive – winona[dot]pandan[at]colomboplan[dot]org
  4. Ms. Josephine Choong; Training Coordinator- jochoong[dot] leankeow  [at]colomboplan[dot]org
  5. Ms. Nathalie Panabokke; Certification Coordinator  - nathalie[dot]panabokke[at]colomboplan[dot]org
  6. Ms. Kanchana Sanahari; Programme officer Database  - kanchana[dot]sanahari; [at]colomboplan[dot]org
  7. Ms. Anna Blyum; Prgramme Officer for Central Asia  - anna[dot]blyum[at]colomboplan[dot]org
  8. Mr. Abdulamubin Sultankhil; Training Coordinator - abdulmubin[dot]sultankhil[at]colomboplan[dot]org
  9. Ms. Saira Sultana; Programme Officer Pakistan- saira[dot]sultana[at]colomboplan[dot]org
  10. Ms. Yasodara Hiripitiya; Programme Assistant – yasodara [dot]hiripitiya[at]colomboplan[dot]org
  11. Mr. Nuwan Wickramasinghe; SeniorGraphic Designer – nuwan[dot]wickramasinghe[at]colomboplan[dot]org
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