HE Ambassador Phan Kieu Thu, PhD         Secretary General of The Colombo Plan

HE Ambassador Phan Kieu Thu assumed office as the 7th Secretary General of the Colombo Plan on 1st May 2018.

Prior to taking up her appointment at the Colombo Plan she served as the Ambassador of Vietnam to Sri Lanka.  During that time, she has taken an active part in the Colombo Plan Council Sessions.  She was elected as the Deputy Chairman to the Consultative Committee Meeting of the Colombo Plan held in September 2016 in Fiji.

Born into a diplomatic family, she has inherited the family tradition of commitment to civil service and counts twenty years in the diplomatic service.

She has her BA in Russian Literature and Language from the Hanoi University and Kiev Foreign Languages University in Ukraine.  Further she has obtained her MA in Public Policy from the Korean Development Institute and PhD in Economics from the University of Colombo.

She is also a trained Soprano singer and sings in 10 languages.

The Secretary General, HE Ambassador Phan Kieu Thu has joined the Colombo Plan with a vision to strengthen its way forward. She will endeavour to increase the Colombo Plan membership and particularly encourage countries in Latin America, Africa and Central Asia to be partners of the Colombo Plan in the near future.  She gives the assurances to the Member Governments that she will guide the progress of the Colombo Plan to reach new heights in the years ahead. She envisions that this is the right moment to raise the image of the Colombo Plan to a new realm and preserve its prestigious historical name. She emphasises that Colombo Plan is one of the few international organizations which covers several sub-regions in scope and an important component of the foreign policy of the donor countries.

She is also of the opinion that the Colombo Plan Secretariat has to act dynamically to respond to the changing needs of member countries and she looks forward to bring Colombo Plan’s hallmark activities and programs to new heights in Member States as well as in non-member states.

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