Expert Working Group Meeting on Rural-based Prevention and Treatment Curriculum, 10 to 13 August, 2016


Substance use has long been a problem in rural areas, though it is often perceived to be associated more with city life. Moreover, there are limited resources for prevention, treatment, and recovery in rural communities.

In order to address and reduce substance use related problems in rural areas effectively, ICCE is developing Rural-Based Prevention and Treatment Curriculum for service providers and health workers working in resource restricted settings. An Expert Group Meeting was organized from 10 to 13 September 2016 in this connection to discuss the content outline of curriculum.

The meeting was participated by experts from USA, Kenya, India, Bangladesh and Myanmar. It was decided that the curriculum will have three courses.  Course I “Substance Use Awareness and Prevention in Rural Settings” will be of eight days duration and will  focus on mobilizing  communities towards supporting and sustaining the intervention and  awareness especially through anti-drug media campaign. Course II “Outreach in Rural Settings” will be of four days and cover outreach, SBIRT (screening brief intervention and referral to treatment) case management and continuing care. Course III “Community-Supported SUD Treatment In Rural Settings” will also be of four days duration and will provide an overview of rural-based treatment model, components involved in the 3 phases of treatment provision namely: preparation phase, active treatment phase and continuing care phase; and documentation process. Besides, all the three courses will address monitoring and evaluation, stigma and ethical issues.

Experts are being contracted to write the three afore-mentioned courses and the training is expected to be piloted in April 2016

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