Elizabeth Moir School pioneer implementation of the One Child One Tree programme

DSC_0104Elizabeth Moir International School, Colombo pioneered the implementation of the Colombo Plan’s One Child One Tree Programme by gifting a plant to 12 of its students as a birthday gift on 18 September 2018. The 12 Children who received the birthday gifts belonged to 7 nationalities. The students were asked to carry the message back to their home countries as they complete their education in the school.


Dr. Thomas Scaria, Senior Programme Officer, Colombo Plan conducted an awareness session on the importance of the programme through a power-point presentation and distributed the saplings along with the Chair Person of the School Ms. Elizabeth Moir and Romano Perera, Colombo Plan officer.


Presenting the concept paper, Dr. Thomas observed that Elizabeth Moir school is the pioneering school to implement the concept and he appreciated the school management, teachers and students for this outstanding achievement. The programme is intended to inculcate love and respect to nature and environment by the students, right from their childhood. The Gift a Plant Campaign is therefore, linked to their birthday celebrations.

DSC_0075 (2)One Child- One Tree is a concept promoted by the Secretary General Ambassador Dr. Phan Kieu Thu and the Colombo Plan Secretariat as part of its community based programmes under Environment and Climate Change Desk. Dr. Thomas Scaria, Senior Programme Officer coordinate this programme.

DSC_0093The concept is implemented in collaboration with the Ministry of Education and corporate support from INSEE Cements.  Tarana Foundation, Colombo School of Business and Management, The International Institute for Knowledge management, All Ceylon Buddhist Congress and several other networking partners are implementing the programme in the island.


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