DAP begins training on CHILD Curriculum for South American treatment providers

DSC_0033Campinas, Brazil— The Colombo Plan Drug Advisory Programme (DAP), through its Child Intervention for Living Drug-Free (CHILD) Project, has organized the training of treatment practitioners from the South American countries of Argentina, Chile, Paraguay and Peru on the CHILD Curriculum.

DSC_0017Twenty-two (22) treatment practitioners, begin their training here from 1st to 6th December on Course 2- Treating Children with Substance Use Disorders: Special Considerations and Counseling with Children. Following this training track, Course 1- Overview for Psychosocial Treatment Interventions for Child Substance Use Disorder to be held on 7th-11th December during the 2nd International Workshop on Drug Demand Reduction of the International Society of Substance Use Prevention and Treatment Professionals (ISSUP), with the participation of additional treatment practitioners from Brazil and the Philippines.

DSC_0009DAP has led the development of the world’s first specialized curriculum on treating substance use disorders (SUD) in children, through funding support from the Bureau for International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs (INL) of the United States’ Department of State.

DSC_0010Dr. Hendree Jones, lead CHILD Curriculum developer and Executive Director of the Horizons Program of the University of North Carolina- Chapel Hill School of Medicine, and Ms. Nancy Dudley, editor of the CHILD Curriculum, were tapped to deliver the training.

DSC_0037This training program was designed for treatment practitioners who are providing services for children, especially those diagnosed with substance use disorders (SUD), and those who are highly at-risk— children in street-life circumstances, poverty and neglect.

DSC_0043DAP’s CHILD Project is committed to bridge the existing gap in treatment services for children by ensuring children’s access to specialized, age-appropriate and developmentally-responsive treatment methodologies.

DSC_0027The project’s strategy to address the “treatment gap” is the development of evidence-based curriculum and subsequent trainings for treatment practitioners from countries that have recorded high prevalence of SUD among children.

DSC_0022DAP has completed its pilot-testing of the six-course CHILD Curriculum with treatment practitioners from Bangladesh, India and Pakistan this year. SEDRONAR, Argentina’s lead government agency on program for the prevention of drug addiction and trafficking, has worked with DAP in translating the training materials to benefit Spanish-speaking trainees.

The CHILD Project is one of DAP’s cluster projects that altogether address SUD within Colombo Plan member states and across the wider global region.

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