Colombo Plan to continue capacity building


The Colombo Plan has gained a valuable brand name among its 26 member countries. It has to further increase recognition of its brand in the region particularly in Sri Lanka, Colombo Plan Secretary General Patricia Yoon-Moi Chia said.

Speaking at the 60th anniversary celebrations on Friday she said it was because of the unique feature of its concept of self-help and mutual where member countries have partnered them in development.

Chia said the Colombo Plan hopes to provide 2,000 places this year for training and its scholarships also will be continued in the four programs, which were put in place after the restructuring and revitalization in 1995.

Since then the Colombo Plan continues its mandate to provide capacity building in private sector development, public administration and environment, and drug advisory program, using South-South cooperation approach, where developing member countries come forward to share their experiences.

She said another international training program on Entrepreneurship Development using Blue Ocean Strategy will be held from July 2 to 8 at the Galle Face Hotel for 24 participants from 12 countries including Sri Lanka to mark 60th anniversary celebrations.

[Sourced from Daily News Tuesday, 5 July 2011]

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