CHARLES TUFA OBIEZE (Teen Challenge Liberia)

“My inspiration was the lack of drug treatment programs in Liberia to help drug addicts. It was the main reason for me to enter into this field. My passion and empathy towards these victims of drug abuse spurred me on to do my best to save them from helplessness and danger,” says 40 years old Charles Tufa Obieze, when asked how he started working in Teen Challenge Liberia. Fondly referred to as OBCE, Charles possesses several degree certificates including AS Degree in Chemical Dependency Counseling & Education from Century College, MN. He also holds Certificates in leadership, mental health, Professional Ethics etc. Sports, as he enjoys a great game of Soccer and Basket Ball, music, reading, counseling and traveling already part of his life style.

Obieze stresses how he loves his country. Knowing Liberia is a gateway to Africa, and drugs are entering through the ports of the capital city, Monrovia for distribution throughout the region. Elaborating on how he felt about working with victims of drug abuse, Obieze says, “I feel blessed to help transform one addict’s life at a time. I have demonstrated my presence in Liberia, and also by traveling to the United States to initiate similar projects of change. Helping those drug addicts and prostitutes has been a driving force to bring some relief to those affected with the disease of addiction.” After 20 years of war, many young people are abusing their bodies with drugs in an effort to silently chase painful images and the fear that have dominated their lives. The escalation in the number of “glue kids” is damaging the society 1. This situation inspired his work and life’s mission.

Obieze held the position of Coordinator Program /Volunteer ​​for Global Teen Challenge (A USA Foreign Mission) in Liberia before joining TCL in June 2013. Previously he held the following positions; Direct Support Professional​​ at SL Start & Associates in Seattle, WA, Attendant Counselor​ at Fiercest School District in DSHS, Chemical Dependency Counselor at ​Sea Mar Behavioral Health Center in Des Moines, WA, Coordinator /Program Volunteer ​at Global Teen Challenge at USA -Foreign Mission Liberia, and as Chemical Dependency Counsellor at RS Eden Men’s Residential Program in Mpls, MN. Currently, he is the Coordinator of Teen Challenge Liberia (TCL) in Monrovia, Liberia. He brought achievement to his organisation, that recently being partnership with Colombo Plan Drug Advisory Programme for Outreach and Drop-in Centre Programme in Liberia.

Looking towards a brighter future, Obieze speaks about his short term and long term goals, saying “My short term goal is to complete my IC&RC Alcohol & Drug Counselors International Certification. My long term goal in the next 5 years is to see that each of the four regions in Liberia has a drug rehab center and the expansion of our ODIC-Teen Challenge sub-station in rural Liberia. In the next 10 years I foresee myself as being a Godfather who initiated a Drug rehab residential program in Liberia. My long term goal will be to use my skills for Outreach Campaign in English Speaking African Countries for a drug rehab program to help those individuals who are struggling with drug addiction. I also foresee myself becoming the International Coordinator for Africa, through International Partners like, COLOMBO PLAN, UNODC and INL”.

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