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Presentation of the International Society for Substance Use Prevention and Treatment Professional Website, Drug Focal Points Meeting 2014, Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Mr Antonius Riva Setiawan, Director DAP, presenting the website

  Mr Antonius Riva Setiawan, Director Drug Advisory Programme, presented the framework of the proposed website for Addiction Professionals. This website also referred to as, will act as an information centre for disseminating latest approaches and evidence based practices in Drug Demand, Supply Reduction and Law Enforcement sector. The website, will be available […]

The 3rd Drug Focal Points Meeting of the Colombo Plan Drug Advisory Programme (CPDAP)


The 3rd Drug Focal Points Meeting of the Colombo Plan Drug Advisory Programme (CPDAP) commenced in Chiang Mai with a stress on ‘strengthening networking and collaborations’ as an effective way to fight drug use in the region. The three day meeting and the Experts Group Consultation, organised in collaboration with the Office of the Drug […]

Universal Prevention Curriculum—Series 2 Planning Meeting


Dr. Zili Slaboda, President of Applied Prevention Science, Inc. chaired the Experts’ Group planning meeting at the INL -C Office, Washington DC on 13 and 14 August 2014. The focus of the meeting was planning for the development of the Universal Prevention Curriculum for Substance Use (UPC)—Series 2 designed for Prevention Specialists who work in […]

ICCE Meets with US National Addiction Certification Boards


The Director of the Colombo Plan International Centre for Certification and Education of Addiction Professionals (ICCE), Mr. Tay Bian How along with Winona Pandan and Nathalie Panabokke met with the four US National Addiction Certification Boards to discuss the possibilities for and to extend offer of collaboration of Colombo Plan ICCE’s global training and certification […]



Ms. Winona Pandan, Curriculum Development Coordinator for UTC and Ms. Nathalie Panabokke, Trainer, met with Mr. Brian Morales and Ms. Shirley Mikell on 22 August 2014 at the JW Marriott Hotel in Washington, DC, USA to discuss matters relative to the UTC curriculum development. The highlight of the meeting was the discussion on the Agenda […]

ICAC Examinations’ Review Meeting


A two-day ICAC Examination Review Meeting was held on 26-27 August 2014 at the INL-C Office in Washington D.C. The three ICCE staff ( Mr. Tay Bian How, Ms. Winona Pandan and Ms. Nathalie Pannabokke) were joined by by Dr. Sallyann Henry from Professional Testing Corporation; Ms. Shirley Mikell, from NAADAC; Ms. Kathy Benson from […]

INL and Colombo Plan ICCE Tailoring Visit to Guatemala


Mr. William McGlynn, Senior Advisor of INL and Mr. Tay Bian How, Director of the International Centre for the Certification and Education of Addiction Professionals (ICCE), conducted a successful tailoring visit to Guatemala to discuss with the Government agencies, particularly the treatment stakeholders regarding the implementation of ICCE certification training of treatment practitioners in the […]

INL-ICCE Tailoring Visit to The Bahamas


Pursuant to the INL funded Project No. 2014-50, the ICCE Director, Mr. Tay Bian How and INL Demand Reduction Officer, Ms. Sadie Thimsen conducted a tailoring visit to The Bahamas from 16 to 19 August 2014. The tailoring visit was to assess and understand the current drug treatment and rehabilitation services in the country; expound […]

TOYO Awards presented to 10 Outstanding Youth Groups in Afghanistan


The Preventive Drug Education Project of the Colombo Plan Drug Advisory Programme have awarded 10 Outstanding Youth Organizations in Afghanistan for their innovative youth led initiatives in Drug Prevention and nation building. The awarding ceremony was held at the International press conference hall of the Ministry of Information and Culture (MoIC) on 23, July, 2014. […]

Colombo Plan Secretary General Mr Kinley Dorji meets the Focal Point officials of Nepal to discuss the preparations for the forthcoming 44th Consultative Committee Meeting in Kathmandu from 8-10 the September, 2014.


The Secretary General with two Colombo Plan officials made a brief visit to Kathmandu to discuss the arrangements for the 44th Consultative Committee Meeting (CCM)in Nepal scheduled to be held from 8-10th September 2014 at the SOALTEE Crowne Plaza Hotel. He met with the Steering Committee officials headed by Dr. Som Lal Subedi, Member Secretary […]

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